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Great inventions

I love to invent and feel what is really worth doing. That is not what I like to feel or hear but what we can do too. So believe it or not but when we try I can feel that the small valves is really a great thing to do and that is also how we try to feel what is great for all who is in charge and together. When we try to do something more I guess that this is great and that is also why we feel it. So believe it or not but when we really ...

Swinging in the lovely garden

When my grandmother ended up in a nursing home she never returned to her beautiful garden again. It was a big open garden with lush borders and surrounded by a spectacular stone wall. When I was really little there was a wooden swing that my grandpa had made from a potato box, suspended by wire from a beam. For every pace it would make a creaking noise. There were lots of oldfashioned plants in the garden, like fox glove and fragrant white roses with a powdery scent. She always had an abundance of butterflies there.

severe asthma

For people who suffer from severe asthma there is now help to be gotten, through a device that radically purifies the air where you sleep, and the fantastic effects from this nightly treatment spill over into the day as well, so many people are virtually problem free all day. This is a revolutionary method, evidence-based and non-invasive. The testimonies from happy users speak for themselves. Would it not be worth testing if it could bring all those benefits that people speak of? Can you imagine feeling free and breathing freely, all day, every day and not suffer?

My grandma's bedroom

In my grandmother's bedroom there were interesting things, so I used to hang out there a lot. I looked at all the books and the magazines, with weird and wonderful pictures in them. On the dresser there was a hand mirror and big brush, a candle in a brass holder, and then there was this box of buttons. They weren't fancy or anything, just plain, but I was fascinated by them, and the things you could do with them. I would pour them out on the floor, on a thick but firm rug, and play tiddlywinks with them. It was ...

wedding brittany

Did you know that you can have your dream wedding at a gorgeous château on the coast of France? In Brittany, to be exact, or Bretagne like the French call it. Seriously, why settle for less, when you can have more? You only get married once, supposedly. And also, there are abundant opportunities for hotel accommodation in the vicinity, and the most wonderful hotels they are, located in beautiful scenery. Your guests will be over the moon and so will you. So if you are getting married this year, book the ultimate venue for a wedding in brittany, France.

Nytt jobb?

Idag har man blivit en truckförare i Göteborg. Har lyckats fixa truckkort nu och det känns ju hur bra som helst så nu ska man bara försöka fixa lite för sig så att man ska kunna få ett bra jobb med. Det finns ju ändå en del jobb som truckförare och det var ju just därför som man tog jobbet så här kan de ju inte lbi så mycket bättre. Man vill ju kunna ordna lite för sig nu så att man får en bra inkomst för som människa är ju inkomst något som man måste ha för att kunna ...

Drive way

Last week I did repair my drive way. I was in really bad shape. Mainly because of the terrible winter. We had a lot of snow. And that meant that snow shuffle came clearing the drive way frequently. So it is a terrible lot of work. And I had to sit on my knees all day. So now I have hurting knees. I'm even considering consulting a doctor. And all this for a nice and smooth drive. It is looking great now. And on my party next week, nobody will know it was in a bad shape. And hopefully next ...